Organic Chamomile

Organic Chamomile

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Relax and soothe yourself with our sweet Chamomile. Enjoy a cup before bed or in the afternoon before a little nap.

Organic Chamomile Tea for Sale

Earth apple

Chamomile is a word that comes from two Greek words that mean Earth apple and on the ground. When combined the words form chamomile, a relative of the daisy family. Chamomile has been used as an herbal tea for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The herb has widely been used to soothe people and to ward off cancer. Although many studies are still needed to nail down the exact benefits of the herb, Chamomile has healing properties that the medical community recognizes may have some significance. Experts warn that pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should never drink Chamomile tea or take products that include the powdered version of the herb because of the possibilities of inducing a miscarriage. 

Interesting uses of Chamomile Tea 

There are two main types of Chamomile called German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. German Chamomile is the most commonly used type. Some people who are allergic to ragweed or Chrysanthemums might also have an allergic reaction to Chamomile, and experts suggest trying a small amount or contacting a physician or allergist before drinking Chamomile tea. One of the widest uses of Chamomile has been as a topical dressing for wounds. One recent study concluded that using Chamomile on top of removed tattoos helped the wound heal faster than without using the herb. 

Bone health

Some studies have shown that women who suffer from osteoporosis can benefit from drinking Chamomile tea. Supposedly, the tea helps the bone keep the density it has prevented further bone thinning. Although more studies are needed, the possibilities are exciting for older women who tend to suffer from bone thinning complications more than men. 

Anti-inflammatory benefits

Chamomile tea has been used for generations to reduce swelling and calm the body. It has also been used to treat stomach ulcers, gas and to relax the colon to help ease digestion. Ancient recipes and mixtures include Chamomile in treatments for hemorrhoids and eczema when applied topically and colic and cancer when taken as a tea. Chamomile has been shown to reduce hoarseness and throat irritation when consumed just before and after a throat procedure like a scope. Some studies have even suggested benefits for diabetics that relate to metabolism and liver cleansing. 

Sleep aid and anti-anxiety treatment

The sleeping benefits of chamomile have been evident for centuries, but one of the more recently accepted benefits has to deal with stress management. People who have trouble coping with high-anxiety situations have found that by consuming a cup of chamomile tea after the stressful incident helps them relax and relieve the stress naturally. Some studies have even shown a possible link between the cousin of the daisy and fewer seizures. This information only noticed relief for one type of seizure and not all types in the spectrum. People who are looking for a natural sleep remedy often drink a warm glass of chamomile tea to help them fall asleep. 

Chamomile is said to have the ability to help boost the immune system. This boost helps people fight against the common cold, viruses, and flu that travel quickly in cough and cold season. Some people say that drinking two or three glasses of chamomile tea a day is beneficial to the overall health of people, but there are more studies needed to prove these benefits.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Chamomile