About Tea Mind Body

So, what’s Tea Mind Body all about?


Are you feeling tired?

We have a tea for that.


Do you want to have lucid dreams?

We have a tea for that.


Are you feeling lethargic?

We have a tea for that.


Are you stressed out after work?

We have a tea for that.


Do you need clear and focused energy?

We have a tea for that.


Are you looking for mental clarity?

We have a tea for that.


Yep, you guessed it! We make teas for common health concerns. We want to feel great (well amazing actually), so we blend teas to help us (and you) do just that.


We combine many organic teas and organic herbs to create powerful, healing blends for common health concerns. 


We start by listening to our customers.... We want to hear your problems (just not about your relationships). Then we can search through a thousand year old tea drinking practice and find something just for you. Even if we don’t have your tea blend in stock, we will make a recommendation!



Tea Mind Body gets you exactly what you need. We believe that teas and herbal tea blends can get you feeling just like you want to feel. And no we aren’t some crazy witch doctors! We research, research, and then do some more research, so you can benefit from evidence backed benefits.


So how can you find time to benefit from our products?  Adding a cup of tea to your daily routine can actually save you time. It can improve your health, increase your energy, and give you ease of mind. After all, the entire brewing process can be done in as little as 5 minutes.


Check out some of our products.



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