Bulk Tea

Interested in selling tea to your customers? We have a wholesale tea program that allows you to buy direct at bulk prices. Did you know that many of our loose leaf teas are award winning? Also, every tea we have is organic. 

If you're looking for a wholesale tea program where you can buy at bulk prices, we might just be the perfect fit for you.

There are no membership fees, or no other requirements. All you need to do is buy in bulk to get your discount.

We have many teas available ranging from the traditional caffeinated teas: green tea, black tea, white tea, and may other herbal teas. We can source pretty much any type of tea, so just let us know what you are looking for and we'll find a price for you.

Oh and did we mention that we have some amazing prices? Since you are buying in large quantities, we can afford to give you very steep discounts.

Please send our team a message if you are interested in learning more about our bulk offerings.