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Blooming Jasmine Green Tea

Blooming Jasmine Green Tea

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Sit back as you watch one of these beautiful tea balls open up in your tea pot. Jasmine scents will fill the room as our blooming jasmine green tea unwinds in the hot water. As if that wasn't enchanting enough, each and every ball is specially hand formed with jasmine and green tea.

Blooming tea info

If you love tea, you will love blooming tea! Now all of the fragrant, healthful benefits of tea have become as visually appealing as tea itself is appealing to the smell, taste and touch. Blooming tea is a relatively recent and very welcome invention in the world of tea. Not only does the watching the tea as it blooms become a perfect conversation starter at parties, but it is deeply relaxing and meditative when you need to wind down. For these reasons and many more, blooming tea has received an enthusiastic welcome by tea lovers.


About Blooming Tea

"Blooming tea" gets its name from how it steeps. Part ancient handicraft art, part modern packaging, blooming tea comes to you as a flower "bud," or ball of string-wrapped tea leaves that begins to unfurl and "bloom" when hot water is added. The tea leaves are first assembled by hand and then gently but firmly tied together with a bit of string. Other names for blooming tea include blossoming tea, flowering tea, hand-tied tea and even artistic tea. 


The Tea Petals in Blooming Tea

Blooming tea is an ever-evolving creative and artistic form that can include a single type of tea leaves or many tea leaves in a single tea ball. In addition to combining the tea flowers for the best health and medicinal purposes, the art of blooming tea has expanded to include placing the tea petal leaves in a specific order to create certain kinds of visual blooms. Not only does this lend itself to ever more exotic and delicious tea combinations, but it also adds mystery, surprise and excitement to the ancient art of the tea service, since you never know exactly what you will witness next as the tea ball begins to unfurl!


How Tea Petals are Prepared

The tea petals are first harvested in the spring and then dried through natural (sun-aided) dehydration. Care is taken to select only the youngest, freshest flower petals for blooming tea. Polyphenoel, the property in the tea leaves that is more commonly known as the energy booster caffeine, can vary based on the drying time and the type of petals and leaves selected. With more than 500 different types of blooming tea bud combinations to choose from, the experience you have with each cup can be very different. 


Health and Medicinal Uses for Blooming Tea

Blooming tea has many benefits beyond just the meditative beauty and sensual art it adds to the enjoyment of tea. For many enthusiasts today, drinking tea has become as much about enjoying the best quality of life as it is about simple pleasure. As such, there are many types of tea petals and leaves that can be used to make blooming tea.


Here are some of the most popular types of tea and their medicinal and health benefits:


- Rose. Rose tea is particular beneficial for women. Rose tea improves the circulation in the body, eases depression and pain, regulates energy levels, boosts immune system function and freshens skin.


- Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum tea is a great aid in taking heat out of the body (including heat from inflammation) and in eliminating many common toxins.


- Carnation. Carnation tea eases anxiety, adds moisture to the body, improves metabolic function and is a great aid to beauty and youthful skin.


- Jasmine. Jasmine tea is a sure cure for an upset stomach, helps to even out energy levels, hydrates the body and improves vision.


- Lily. Lily tea is a great aid to ease insomnia and anxiety, plus it keeps the lungs moist and healthy and removes heat from the body.


- Marigold. Marigold tea is a well known digestive aid. It is also very useful to remove body toxins, boost eyesight and liver function, smooth and hydrate skin and remove heat from the body.


Flavored Blooming Tea

Newer varietals of blooming tea buds may also contain flavors, including lemon, ginger, strawberry, chocolate and other exotic, interesting flavors. There is also a vast variety of non-flavored blooming tea buds to choose from so you always have the perfect tea to accent any season, time of day, meal or dessert.


How to Brew Blooming Tea

The most traditional way to brew blooming tea is to use a clear glass teapot. This is both because glass is a very pure brewing vessel and because it offers an unimpeded view of the tea bud as it blooms. While your blooming tea bud is assembled to brew a full pot of tea, you can also brew it in a clear glass tea cup for a stronger tea. You can also re-use each tea bud several times.


Ordering Your Blooming Tea

Blooming tea makes a unique and personal gift and is also a great treat to offer yourself! You can order blooming tea online or find packaged tea buds in local tea shops.

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