#1 Brewing Basket for inside cup | Tea Brewing Basket

#1 Brewing Basket for inside cup | Tea Brewing Basket

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This brewing basket from Finum is our favorite! It can be used in all cups and lets tea breathe naturally!

-BPA Free

-Lets tea leaves "breath" and unravel

-Cleans up easily (hold under water)

-Dishwasher safe


-Doesn't absorb heat

Tea Brewing Baskets

The Contemporary and Traditional Way to Brew Tea

Did you know that drinking a cup of tea has been shown to have a genuine calming influence on the body? Science asserts that this is mainly due to the effects of certain tea leaves, such as black tea, which lower cortisol levels. Yet traditionalists assert that it is the soothing act of brewing a perfect pot of tea that makes the difference, and steeping tea bags doesn't do the trick.

In our era of instant gratification, tea bags are appealing. They can be dropped conveniently in a mug with hot water, and scooped out with a spoon 2-5 minutes later. Yet is this really the best way to enjoy a steaming cuppa tea?

Purists assert that whole leaves must flow freely in the hot water in order to expand properly, which releases the most flavor and benefits into your drink. They also point out that bagged tea is packed with crushed leaves, which allow the natural oils and flavors of the leaves to degrade more quickly.

Nowadays, quality gadgets such as the Finum brewing basket combine the best of both worlds. Purists take delight in the way that tea leaves stay intact as they float, and the ease of use is attractive to personalities constantly on-the-go. Made from durable materials, the Finum basket has an extra fine mesh that spans the entire basket, not just the bottom. This allows water to make contact with all the leaves. With tiny holes, even the smallest type of tea leaves can be brewed without leaking into your cup.

As smoothly as you immerse a tea bag into water, just insert the basket infuser into your cup, add tea leaves and boiling water, and wait for the superb aroma to whirl up. The provided lid can be used to keep your tea warm while you wait, and then flipped over for a drip tray once you’re ready to strain the tea.

Clean up is just as snappy as tossing a tea bag in the garbage bin. Turn the brewing basket upside down, tap a few times to dislodge the leaves and then rinse with water. You can also place it in a dishwasher to get rid of any build-up or staining that occurs over time. Ecologically minded folk can easily recycle the used leaves for compost.

As with many foods that go back to strong traditional roots, there are rules to be followed in order to create the perfect brew! Steadfast tea aficionados share a range of tips.


An exquisite cup of tea begins with the right water. Only fresh tap or bottled water should be used, never distilled water. 


• Smaller leaves brew more rapidly than larger ones, due to the greater surface area. Repeat steeping of used leaves take longer to extract the flavor.

• When it comes to the three most common teas: oolong tea brews in 1-8 minutes, green tea takes 2-3 minutes, and black tea needs 3-5 minutes.

• Don’t delay! Remove the leaves from the water as soon as they reach the desired strength, or you’ll end up with a bitter result.

Favorite types of unflavored tea are an issue of personal preference. Some considerations include whether your palette leans towards sweet or bitter, or whether you desire a caffeine pick-me-up or would rather avoid the stimulant. Many teas also offer health benefits.

Most popular tea leaves on the market:

Earl Grey: The most famed black tea in the world, it has a bold flavor derived from the bergamot fruit. Earl Grey also combats signs of aging, as it is full of antioxidants 

Lemon: Generally made from black or green tea leaves, lemon tea has a refreshing taste. It is known to help reduce the symptoms of the common cold. 

Ginger: Slightly spicy, this tea packs a punch with high concentrations of vitamin C and magnesium. Naturally decaffeinated, it has a strong, pleasant scent.

Cinnamon: With a pleasant scent and spicy flavor that immediately bring comfort, this popular tea contains many antioxidants and vitamins. It is reported to relieve indigestion, and impact glucose control in people with diabetes. 

Mint: Naturally caffeine free, mint tea is reported to help alleviate upset stomachs.

Jasmine: With a delicate flavor, this sweet tea is known to help against aging and to protect cells from damaging free radicals. 

Rose: A version of black tea that is combined with rose petals; it has a fresh, mildly tart taste.