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Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like you had intense and vivid dreams the night before, but couldn’t remember anything? This guide is going to walk you through just what lucid dreaming is and it will teach you just what you need to know in order to lucid dream tonight. Let’s get started…


Sleep, an overview:

For the body to maintain proper functioning, it is necessary to have adequate breaks from an awake state. Sleep is what we use as human beings to recharge and rest. However it’s not that simple. Researchers have long tried to figure out why we need to sleep. After all, some people claim to only sleep four hours a night. There are many theories on why we sleep, and you could research for hours trying to figure out the exact reasons. But sleep has many benefits! It’s not just to let your muscles refresh. There is much more to it, and it needs another guide to cover it all.

Ultimately sleep is an action that refreshes your mind and body. Your mind and other parts of your body, during sleeping, relax and become non-responsive to external stimuli. During sleep, you are unable to control your desired actions. On the other hand, your eyes move rapidly during sleep, this is known as REM, or rapid eye movement.

To researchers, sleep is an action to prevent animals and humans from various risks that they may would likely face if they stayed awake for long periods of time. Sleeping involves unconsciousness of the mind. The biological system also works at altered and generally slower speeds. However some processes are theorized to work faster during sleep, such as: memory creation.

Napping and dreams

While taking a nap at any period of the day, humans are likely to enter a dream state. The subject of dreaming is unclear. Much research has been conducted to get a better view of the process but there are still many unanswered questions on dream states.


According to psychoanalysis, certain dreams appear, because we are suppressing certain activities or feelings. Most likely you can remember a time that you had a dream about something that had bothered you in the past. Maybe you had a nightmare about a negative experience from your childhood.

In psychoanalysis, dreams are sets of experiences or a learnt set of behaviors and actions. The process is linked to the psychological interpretation of the dreamer. This means that you interpret your dreams through your mind. No one can have the exact same dream, because you have a unique combination of experiences and feelings that affect your thought process. During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, releases of neurons to the cerebral cortex produce sets of images and actions, thus transforming them into dreams.

Usually, it is hard to remember your dreams. Some dreams may last for a few seconds or they may even last up to 20 minutes. However they never seem to be this quick when you remember them. Instead, most people seem to recall dreams as lasting for hours at a time.

Dreaming is a healthy thing, experienced by all individuals. However, some people may dream lucidly, while other people are limited to ordinary dreams. But don’t fret! This guide will walk you through achieving lucid dreams, even if you have never had one before.

Differentiating Among Types of Dreams

·      What are ordinary dreams?

 An unconscious mind during sleep is ordinary dreaming. These dreams typically involve no actions by the dreamer. This means that you don’t have control over the result of your dream. A typical nightmare or happy dream would fall into this category. Most people experience this type of dream.

·      What is lucid dreaming?

Dreaming with your sub-conscious mind is termed as lucid dreaming. The term simply refers to the sub-consciousness of the mind, and the ability to be receptive to external stimuli while sleeping. Conscious dreaming is another name for it. Some researchers term the sleeping phase, as an ‘awake-like’ state. Basically if you can have an impact on the dream and realize that you are dreaming while you are asleep, then this would be considered a lucid dream.

During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which typically occurs in about two-hour cycles, human beings are likely to have lucid dreams. The eye movements enable individuals to respond to their external stimuli. Moreover, you are able to control your dreams and affect the outcome of the dream. However this is not easily done; it takes a lot of practice. Some steps to induce lucid dreaming can be found below.

While dreaming, you consider yourself in a particular scenario and then act according to that situation.

Sometimes, we may remember a dream; sometimes we wake up feeling like we had an intense dream, but don’t remember a thing.

You are likely to forget your dreams, if you are stressed. If you are stressed, and you wake up in the middle of REM sleep, then you can experience upsetting feelings. You might have had wanted to carry on experiencing the dream but your dream was unexpectedly stopped!

Why should you practice lucid dreaming?

  • It’s fun! Enter into a world where anything is possible.
  • You can see things the way you wish to perceive them. That is definitely a lot more fun than waking up and not remembering anything about your dreams.
  • It makes you experience unusual and fictitious things. You are on the road to experience oddity!
  • The lucid dream state allows you to judge yourself, either spiritually or psychologically, almost from the perspective of someone else.
  • When it comes to transforming your conceived ideas, lucid dreaming can help you visualize and think of the concepts in a better way.
  • Enter a lucid dream state, because it might just take you back into old memories.
  • Most importantly, it helps you interpret yourself in a sub-conscious state of mind.

No one other than yourself can visualize, listen to, or understand what you have been through. You see things from your own perspective. Often unspoken words, ideas or set of actions are addressed effectively through this manner. You are able to express your inner and unsaid emotions. Sometimes, certain circumstances can repress your emotions. Lucid dreaming allows you to explore and eventually express your inner beliefs and ideas.

Lucid dreaming has no boundaries. You can imagine things with no limits! A creative mind can come up with several sets of good ideas. You might see yourself conversing with the fictional characters. Moreover, use lucid dreaming to access the creative parts of your brain when you are stuck or need some inspiration.

Lucid Dreams or Nightmares?

Sometimes anxiety or any horrifying experience, that has an impact on your life, can leave deep impressions on your mind and appear in your dreams. Over-thinking about some particular event can lead to nightmares. Repetitive bad dreams can turn your lucid dreams into nightmares. For instance, you may see yourself being in trouble or see a dead body conveying some message to you. This is not a cause to worry though! Often times people report that using a lucid dreaming product like Organic Guayusa tea (talked about below) can actually help you avoid nightmares. There is no scientific evidence on this but rather the comments from people who have tried it, say that it usually puts your thoughts in a positive state while you sleep.

Does Everyone Experience Lucid Dreaming?

Everyone has the ability to lucid dream. However, the capacity to dream differs from person to person. One is unlikely to experience lucid dreams frequently. They do not happen without some type of user interaction or practice.

There are two categories of dreams: DILD and WILD

The types are determined by the state you are in before experiencing the dream.

  • If you experience a lucid dream after being awake, then it is wake-induced dream (WILD). Some experienced dreamers can enter into a dream state without falling asleep first, so basically they maintain consciousness in order to enter a lucid dream.
  • If you experience a lucid dream after you are already asleep, then this is known as dream initiated lucid dream (DILD).

You will realize when you are having a vivid dream. Once you have realized it, then you will be able to differentiate reality vs. a dream state. This is different form normal dreaming, because you typically don’t have a recognition that you were in a dream until after you wake up and then you can’t do anything about it.

Steps To Induce Vivid Dreams

People often say that they do not dream. Well, that is not true. Everyone dreams, but only some people are able to recall them with ease. Sometimes, you can remember your dreams even after you wake up.


How to Lucid Dream:

Here are eight effective tips to help you achieve vivid dreams:

  • Read, read, read! Reading fiction books before bed with detailed descriptions can dramatically increase your chances of entering a lucid dream. This is due to the creative thoughts that are essentially planted into the back of your mind and then you turn over and fall asleep. Before you know it, your brain is working on analyzing those creative thoughts brought about by reading. Of course, only read books on subjects that are creative and that you would want to dream about.
  • Try to recall your ordinary dreams: Do not leave yourself wondering about what you saw or heard while sleeping. Instead, help yourself out. Try to recall and remember your dreams as soon as you wake up.

Preparing for sleep and easing yourself from the daily stresses before going to bed can help you capture events later on in your dreams. Keep reminding yourself that you need to recall the dream every morning.

  • Maintain a dream journal: It is good to record your daily dreams. No matter how little or much you remember, try to pen it down. Even if it is only a couple of words, write it down! It will be a huge help to analyze your psychological factors that link your dreams. Moreover, you should ultimately be able to pinpoint the reasons behinds your dreams.
  • Work on dream signs: You might come across a similar set of dreams often. Repetitive actions are signs of your inclination towards particular subjects or things. Repetitively thinking about something can help you dream lucid about it. So start repeating thoughts that you want to dream about throughout your day!
  • Imagine: You can take yourself into the vivid dreaming world by repeatedly reminding yourself of things that you want to dream about. Set your mind frame thinking of things that you want to experience. You might just begin experiencing them in a dream. Eventually your imaginations might just take control of your psyche and then, you will dream with lucidity.
  • Literature / Self-learning: Read literature and texts to motivate yourself. Writing about lucid dreaming states can help you induce the end objective. This can help you manipulate your dreams and even analyze your personality traits after you experience a new dream. Also, there are stories of experienced lucid dreamers and descriptions of the strategies they use, which might just help you dream in a lucid state tonight!
  • Remain lucid: Things that you often see in your dream might be the very same things surrounding you. You are unlikely to divert your mind, once you are on the verge of dreaming.Focus and ponder over things that you want to dream about at night before going to sleep and you might just increase your chances for vivid thoughts tonight!
  • Test yourself: During the day, continually ask yourself whether you are dreaming. This technique was seen in the popular Hollywood movie: “Inception.” You need to ask yourself if you can fly, or do other things that would only be possible in dreams, and see whether or not you are in a dream. Once you start to become used to ‘testing’ whether or not you are in a dream, then when you are dreaming your mind will do this unconsciously. Then you will be able to gain lucidity and control over your dream by realizing you are in a dream after all!
  • Supplementation: Natural herbs, especially Guayusa is effective for inducing lucid dreams. Guayasa, used for lucid dreaming as Guayusa tea, dramatically increases your chances of entering a lucid state. It can also give you memorable dreams, leaving unique impressions on your mind. Most users of Guayusa say that it helps enter a lucid dream with ease and results in a positive sleeping experience.


       Facts about Lucid Dreaming:

  • Every dream is ordinary, unless it involves a conscious mind
  • Lucid dreaming is not something just recently discovered, it has been used for many years
  • Lucid dreaming helps you escape from reality, and see the insides of your mind
  • This type of dreaming helps you uncover unusual and unrealistic adventures
  • Our dreams are usually the reflection of our thoughts; the nature of lucid dreaming depends on the pre-conceived beliefs and notions that find themselves in our thoughts and actions
  • Meditation can sometimes help lucid dreaming, especially when you do it before bed and meditate on things that you might want to dream about later on in the night


Lucid dreaming is a healthy experience; there is nothing wrong with it! It is different from other dream states in the respect that the individual realizes the state of being conscious. This state of knowing you are in a dream can provide deep insights into your own mind and thought process. Try it tonight using the techniques in this guide.


Lucid Dreaming Supplements - Herbs and Tea

Herbal supplements are effective when it comes to inducing lucid dreams. They offer results without any major negative effects. Also, they are cheap and easy to use!


Guayusa is one of the most effective herbs that are used to induce the lucid dreaming effect for an individual. The herb is cultivated in the villages of the Amazon, and it is obtained from the holly leaves that are grown in the rainforests.


Over the years, the herb has gained wide acceptance in North America and Europe. It is full of antioxidants, rich in amino acids and vitamins. In some studies, Guayusa is reported to have twice the amount of antioxidants compared to those found in an average cup of green tea. The herb is naturally caffeinated, bold in taste and carries several health benefits. However the caffeine is not the same as other caffeinated beverages… Instead, it gives you a calm steady energy without any crashing or upset feeling.


Organic Guayusa induces an awakening effect, similar to coffee and yerba mate. Guayusa tea stimulates the mind and body. Therefore, when it comes to dreaming lucid, there would be no other better option for you to try than Guayusa tea! But hurry, because we have a limited supply of our special Guayusa dreaming tea.


Apart from its significant contribution to induce lucid dreams, the tea carries several health benefits. It has been said to detoxify blood, balance sugar and pH level, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol risks; and it also has been said to improve digestion and the overall urinary system of the body. Give it a try not just to induce lucid dreams, but as a tea to help with your entire body’s health.


Natives of the Amazon generally refer to Guayusa as a “Dreaming Tea”. It is an effective supplement to aid lucid dreaming, to recall your good dreams, and for a peaceful sleep.  It helps to stimulate your brain, your memory, your energy levels, and to stimulate and relax your mind and body.


Guayusa tea for your lucid dreaming experience tonight:

You can try some of our Organic Guayusa Tea, combined with peppermint and spearmint. It was carefully designed to give you clear thoughts in your dreams. Ease into lucid dreaming with our special Guayusa tea blend.


The Experiences:

In reality, our experiences are interpreted by our five senses, but lucid dreams are shaped by our thoughts and imaginations. You might fly, eat and even experience pain in your dream. Often, we end up experiencing fearsome, or painful feelings while sleeping. However many people who have tried Guayusa and experienced actual lucid dreams, don’t experience negative or unpleasant thoughts. Instead they often have great insights.


Waking up from sleep can help you realize that what you were experiencing in a dream state was in fact just a dream. The characters and the events were not part of real life. However with that said people who try to have a lucid dream for the first time often report having great insights into their minds. In fact many experienced dreamers can control their dreams enough to explore certain parts of their brains.


There are no legitimate boundaries to dreams. In real life, you are aware of your surroundings, but lucid dreams are fluid in nature. They might just reveal the inner you!

For many, after a long stressful day, entering into a lucid dream at night is an escape from real life realities and boundaries. Unlike ordinary dreams, individual experiences in lucid dreaming states are experienced through a sub-conscious mind. Despite being asleep, you are able to respond to the external stimuli. You can induce lucid dreams through various techniques and practices. Out of the many available options, Guayusa is the most effective herbal supplement. It is cheap in price and offers various health benefits. 


Try some of our Mint Guayusa Tea designed for lucid dreaming here.



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  • i have never drank any kind of tea to induce my lucid dreaming i have only had about two lucid dreams and i have remebered almost every dream i have had since i started practicing lucid dreaming but the only thing is i get stuck on reminding myself that i am dreaming and i was wondering if this tea will help me

    Lucid Dreamer
  • I bought Guayusa tea from a different company. I didn’t think anything about it but since I tried it a week ago I’ve had the most vivid dreams. I tried to find the reason for it but then found all of these articles saying it induces vivid or lucid dreams! I am definitely a fan. No lucid dreams yet but I’m working on it


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