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We offer our premium blend of black tea for you at a cheap and fair price. Our most popular blend combines: Nilgiri tea and Yunnan golden buds to make an exquisite black tea. You can rest assured that our most famous hand blended black tea will be the perfect cup of tea. Forget about other wholesale black teas, we have the cheapest and best bulk black tea options available on the web.


What is Black Tea?

Black tea is the most common variety of tea and accounts for 75 percent of global tea consumption. This healthy and delicious tea is mainly produced in India, Sri Lanka and China. Black tea is the most intensively processed type of tea. The leaves are fully oxidized to create their black color. Green, white, and oolong tea are not fully oxidized. This gives more complexity, more astringency and fewer vegetal overtones. Black tea consists of the right balance of astringency that is not found in other teas.


What is Nilgiri Tea?

Nilgiri tea is a dark and strong black tea grown in Southern India. Our wholesale black tea offering combines Nilgiri tea and Yunnan Golden Buds to create an exquisite black tea. Order by the pound on our website. We have wholesale prices all the way down to 1lb for introductory purchases. This helps consumers and businesses take advantage of wholesale tea prices from Tea Mind Body. If you’d like to buy in bulk (even higher quantities then we have listed on our website), feel free to contact us.  


What are Yunnan Golden Buds?

Yunnan golden buds have a uniquely smooth taste with a nice texture on the tongue. Mixed with are Nilgiri tea, our black tea is one to die for! Try a pound of our unique black tea blend, it’s a low cost investment that might just be one of your new favorite black teas, after all many people from around the world enjoy our black tea blends. Don’t forget, our black tea is healthy for you!


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For someone who is looking for an efficient energy boost, black tea is the perfect choice. This tea is a full-bodied flavorful beverage that is not just a delight to the taste buds, but it's brimming with health benefits as well.


The health benefits of black tea are due to high amounts of tannin, polyphenols, fluoride, flavonols, and vitamins.


Health Benefits of Black Tea:

Anti-oxidant powerhouse-

Anti-oxidants are the polyphenols that fight free radicals in our body. Free radicals cause degenerative changes in the body, resulting in several chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disorders, cancer etc.


Anti-oxidants also help in keeping your skin and hair healthy. They delay the signs of aging on the skin, thereby giving you gorgeous youthful skin. So, start your day with a cup of our black tea.


Cardiovascular health benefits of black tea-

Due to its high amount of antioxidants, black tea has been reported to decrease the LDL (known as ‘bad cholesterol’) levels in the body and increase the HDL levels (known as ‘good cholesterol’). Three cups of black tea in a day has been reported to reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases, which is one of the leading causes of death all over the world.


Increased mental and physical alertness-

Out of all teas, black tea consists of highest amounts of caffeine, which is the main stimulant that increases mental and physical energy. Caffeine in tea acts as a subtle stimulant, thereby stimulating body metabolism and increasing brain function. Black tea also contains theophylline, which stimulates the respiratory system, heart and kidneys. Theophylline also helps in maintaining healthy cardiovascular system.


Reduced risk of kidney stones-

Black tea acts as a diuretic, and several clinical studies have shown that people who drink black tea have lower risk of formation of kidney stones.


Weight loss with black tea-

Just like loose leaf green tea, black tea assists in weight loss. The weight loss effect is seen due to caffeine present in black tea. Caffeine accelerates the body metabolism, and promotes fat loss. According to a study, drinking 5 to 7 cups of tea in a day can help you burn calories. But remember not to add sugar in your tea, try honey instead.


Reduced risk of Ovarian cancer-

Some clinical studies have shown that individuals consuming two or more cups of black tea daily, are less likely to have the risk of ovarian cancer.


Reduced risk of Parkinson Disease-

According to the Singapore Chinese Health Study, black tea has certain ingredients that are responsible for reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease in old age.

This is not intended to be medical advice, please consult a doctor before starting any medical treatment. The information on this website is for informational purposes only.

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